Tuscany (Toscana) is a charmed land. Unrivaled as the cradle of art, Toscana, where the Renaissance first began, is a region of ancient splendor and modern charm.  From the largest cities to the smallest hamlets and most remote villages, you will find ancient chapels, hilltop castles, a hidden palace -- perhaps an ancient city nestled in the mountains.  Each place has a treasure to show you -- a fresco in a church, a piazza that has retained its original character, celebrated museums filled with masterpieces, monumental cathedrals and palaces, massive walls and fortresses –each a testament to Toscana’s artistic majesty, exquisite architecture and natural beauty.

Toscana is an adventure into the timeless beauty of both the past and present.  Walk down the narrow, medieval streets of Siena, lined with ancient residential palaces, stop in its impressive Gothic cathedral or experience one of its annual festivals! This well-preserved medieval city is home to the Civic Museum.
Pisa (only 74 kilometers from Lucignano), an ancient Roman naval base and home to the famed leaning tower and the Museum of the Sinopie, where the preparatory drawings for the frescoes are held.  These and smaller towns like Lucca, Volterra, and Montepulciano contain some of Italy’s most famous landmarks, museums and artistic treasures.
The city of Florence, (Firenze is only 75 kilometers from Lucignano), a world to discover on its own!  Streets of remarkable shopping, delightful restaurants and priceless art are only the beginning. 
Visit Arezzo (25 kilometers from Lucignano), for jewelry, antiques and to experience the excitement of the annual medieval Palios --  bareback horse races.